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Floral Coloring Rectangle Easter Tablecloth Non-iron Stain Resistant- Table Cover Perfect for Kitchen Dining Room Restaurants Thanksgiving Christmas Dinner New Year (ECRU flowers, Rectangle 60"x140")

  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of having to waste money and time on special cleaning products because your table cloths keep getting stained? Would you like a stylish yet practical alternative for protecting your table surface? We have the solution!
  • IRON-FREE: This elegant table cover doesn't require any ironing and can be put into the washing machine and drier. The special fabric doesn't wrinkle and dries out looking perfectly neat, saving you the time and effort.
  • ELEGANT LOOK: Whether you're using it in the comfort of your own dining room or for a fancy restaurant, this no spill table cloth will give an elegant sensation to any space. The beautiful patterns and 4 different colour options are great for special occasions and because of their resistant fabric you can even use it for giving your picnic a classy touch.
  • DIMENSIONS AND SHAPES: This spilling-proof table cloth comes in 3 different shapes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs: square (52x52, 60x60, 70x70 Inches), rectangular (52x70, 60x84, 60x104, 60x120, 60x140 Inches) and round (50, 60, 70 inches). With these many options, it is impossible not to find the right one!
  • TURKISH QUALITY. The Turkish dining table tablecloths from AHOLTA DESIGN are made in Turkey from a high-quality material. This polyester is spot-proof, easy to wash and doesn't need ironing (please check reviews of ivory listing). The round, square, and rectangle tablecloths are machine washable.

When it comes to our customers’ satisfaction, we have one rule: settle for nothing but the best. That’s why we are personally manufacturing our table cloths, to keep an eye on the whole process and to ensure a top quality. All our products are tested until they meet our rigorous standards and requirements. **Why is this product for you?** Because this table cover will save you time, energy and money, while at the same time giving an elegant fresh look to any living space. Because you don’t always have the time for ironing, scrubbing and hand washing and most of the time your efforts just aren’t worth it. Furthermore, our table cloth is developed by the latest practices and technology. **Some of the amazing features of this product:** * Premium heavy-duty polyester; * Iron-free, machine washable; * Elegant design and colours; * Shapes and sizes: square (52x52, 60x60, 70x70 Inches), rectangular (52x70, 60x84, 60x104, 60x120, 60x140 Inches) and round (50, 60, 70 inches); * Can be used indoors and outdoors. ADD TO CART NOW and give yourself this practical gift that will improve your day to day life! View Details

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