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ZOYER Flour Sack Dish Towels (12 Pack) - Cotton Dish Towels 28x28 Inch Kitchen Towels Pure Ring Spun Cotton Multi-Purpose Absorbent Bar Towels

  • LINT-FREE DRYING - Our towels are made of 100% cotton which leave little to no lint behind while cleaning utensils. These are the perfect solution to household cleaning.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - They can easily be machine washed and dried. They are manufactured to be very soft and long lasting.
  • BEST ABSORBENCY - The cotton in these towels is weaved tightly so it quickly absorbs any liquid it is introduced to. For this reason alone these are best used in household cleaning and cooking.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - These towels are handy to have around the house. Their use is unlimited such as (1) Cleaning windows (2) As a dust cloth (3) Straining stock, yogurts and cheeses (4) Baking (5) Serving food (6) Salad spinner (7) Cloth diapers (8) Drying hair (9) Ideal gym towel.
  • SAVE ENVIRONMENT - Zoyer's Flour Sack Towels help reduce the use and waste of paper towels simultaneously saving trees!

**Zoyer's Flour Sack Towels** are a handy **pack of 12** to have around the house for a variety of uses. All four sides of the towels are hemmed and we ensure the quality is up to par before packaging is done. These towels are thin and light, dry fast and produce minimal lint when being used. The main reason they have gained popularity these days is because they have the best absorbency BUT at the same they dry FAST. Due to their nature it is easy to remove stains using our towels. They have a vast number of uses: (1) **Baking** : dust the towel lightly with flour and cover rising bread dough. (2) **WIndow Cleaning** : best for washing windows and mirrors and since they do not produce lint they prevent scratches. (3) **Dust Cloth** : highly recommended for dusting kitchen counters or any surface. (4) **Straining** : good for straining yogurts, cheeses and stock. (5) **Serving food** : Hot rolls or cookies can be served on this towel. Sometimes bun can be wrapped in it as well to keep the food warm. (6) **Salad Spinner** : can be used to dry vegetables. (7) **Cloth Diapers** : Due to their soft nature mothers prefer to use them as diapers for their babies since they dry fast and no smell lingers on them. (8) **Drying Hair** : women also prefer to dry their hair with them. (9) **Gym Towel** : they are ideal for use after a gymming or workout session. (10) **Garage** : They are a handy towel to be used around in the garage. **CARE INSTRUCTIONS** Their maintenance is very easy. They can be machine washed and dried without any hassle! DO NOT use any fabric softener on them because that hinders their ability to absorb liquids. View Details

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