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4 Piece Hoot Owl Kitchen Set - 2 Terry Towels, Oven Mitt, Potholder

  • "Life's A Hoot" bundle includes 2 terrycloth towels, 1 oven mitt, and 1 heart shaped potholder; all 100% cotton
  • Terry towels with owls and decorative flower border; measure 16 inches by 26 inches
  • Oven mitt with design on front and back and green edge; measures 12 inches long
  • Potholder in the shape of a heart with green edge and solid green quilted back side; measures 8 inches in diameter
  • A wonderful and cute gift for owl lovers and a colorful addition to any kitchen!

Adorable "Life's A Hoot" bundle with two terrycloth towels and coordinating oven mitt and potholder. View Details

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