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Reliancer 2 Pack 4\6\8FT Rectangular Spandex Table Cover Four-Way Tight Fitted Stretch Tablecloth Table Cloth for Outdoor Party DJ Tradeshows Banquet Vendors Weddings Celebrations (6FT, Black)

  • 【GSM.200】GSM. 200 (A measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric).100% Four-way stretch spandex material.Professional grade premium fabric,thick and opaque,the bottom edge between table legs is slightly arched, so will not be so thin as to see the legs of the table inside and the things under the table
  • 【Polyester Blend】90% polyester 10% spandex .Two way spandex material allows our tablecloth to be stretched in all directions more easily than our competitors' products. Always fitted and tight,designed with reinforced elastic foot pockets for the table legs to make a tight and professional look.Don't let the wind blow your table cover ever again! 6FT:Suitable for a 72''L x 30''W x 30''H(183CM x 76CM x 76CM)table.
  • 【Double Layer Oxford Elastic Foot Pockets】The pocket of legs is about 6×7cm.Double layer Oxford fabric reinforce the leg pockets, adding to the table cover durability and ensuring a long lifetime. Reinforced sewn-in leg pockets keep the cover in place, to make a tight and professional addition to this,the foot pockets are very elastic and can fit on many different table legs.Always fitted and tight
  • 【Multipurpose】 Our spandex stretch table cover can be used on the dessert table,display table,buffet table,DJ table etc.It works better than traditional tablecloths,When used outdoors,this tablecloth won't slip around or billow with wind, it is not easy to stick small crumbs,very perfect for Christmas,Easter,Halloween,Hannukkah,Thanksgiving,Wedding,parties,celebrations or any special event
  • 【Wrinkle-free&Washable】Our spandex stretch table covers are wrinkle and stain resistant,coated to resist stains, watch liquids bead up and clean easily,which our competitors can't guarantee.Can be laundered multiple times and does not require ironing.Maybe there is slight wrinkle when taken out,but it will become smooth on the table quickly.Hand wash,machine wash and tumble dry at low temperature is OK.We recommend you to wash with the same colour clothing, water temperature 40 degrees

The unique design will turn your boring table into a elegant and clean table,offers you an inexpensive yet great looking upgrade for your table. GSM. 200 (A measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric) 100% Four-way stretch spandex material. Made from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex which stretches out with ease. The spandex and polyester fabric is wrinkle resistant,smooth The high quality material ensures that the stretch table cloth is stain resistant Coated to resist stains, watch liquids bead up and clean easily Each corner has reinforced elastic foot pockets that are designed to hold each leg,to make a tight and professional look. Double Oxford cloth made of pockets for legs,it can be used for many times. Thick and durable fabric,will not be so thin as to see the legs of the table inside. Always fitted and tight. Don't let the wind blow your table cover ever again! Exquisite workmanship Lightweight for Travel: Take this lightweighted and durable polyester tablecloth anywhere, and handle it with ease for all your events and needs with class.You do not even need to iron it before or after using it.When you finish, just fold it and store it in a storage bag. Rectangular Spandex Table Cover: 4FT:Suitable for 48"L x 24" W x 24" H(122CMX61CMX61CM)table 6FT:Suitable for 72''L x 30''W x 30''H(183CM x 76CM x 76CM)table 8FT:Suitable for 96"L X 30"W X 30"H(244CMX76CMX76CM)table Cocktail Round Spandex Table Cover: 30inch:Suitable for 30" diameter x 42" table height,76CMX107CM 32inch:Suitable for 32" diameter x 43.5" table height,81CMX110CM 36inch:Suitable for 36" diameter x 43.5" table height,92CMX110CM View Details

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