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100% Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths (6 Pack) White Washcloths Dish Towels, Cleaning Cloths & Dish Rags(12 x 12 Inch), Ultra Absorbent Better Than Cotton

  • THE HIGHT QUALITY LIFE - 6 pack of each size 11.8"X11.8", 100% with natural bamboo fibers, it's organic with soft feel, eco-friendly, sustainable using- so good for your health and good for our planet! it's air breathing and fast drying, therefore no mildew after using like other towels do.
  • A good kitchen dish cloth, not only to absorb water, but also to stain oil- The special micro - pore structure of bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption ability and easily remove various stains.
  • THE HIGHT QUALITY LIFE - This dish towel has strong absorbent and defacing force, soft and fluffy, easy to clean, suitable for wiping tableware pot, kitchen equipment, glass, furniture, automobile, precision instrument and so on.
  • Bamboo fiber feel smooth and delicate, soft and smooth, not prick the hand, has a unique sense of velvet, thoroughly degreased, take off sugar, protein processing, should be the unit fineness, use after also won't appear harden, hardening phenomenon.
  • Bamboo fiber's antimicrobial - bamboo has a unique substance: bamboo kun, with natural antibacterial, anti-mite, insect repellant, anti-odor function.

**Features:** As we know all, bamboo material has become the most eco-friendly natural material in textile industry due to its sustainable growth and easily accessed. This kitchen towel is made of 100% natural bamboo fiber, then overlocked with different colors of bindings in order to separate each other. This washcloths is of double layers of fabric to ensure its longer duration and more efficient cleaning effects, oily remove ability. It is used to clean the dishes and plates without or less chemical detergent, because bamboo fiber has the cleaning effects itself, the more with warm water.. It be used as an exfoliating facial towel to clean makeup with gentle, soft touch and since it is organic and natural, it will be healthier and safe to use. Mores people get to know bamboo material and like it more and more because it is organic and pure natural, let us protect our planet all together. After use, just rinse it in clear water and hang it, it will get dry quickly in air and will not get moldy as other towels will do! "Kind reminder: Products colors differ a little due to different displayer." **Matters needing attention:** 1:Do not wash colored cloth with white cloth. 2:Please do not use the washing machine to clean, please use the kitchen lotion for hand washing. 3:Use bleach when using bleach. 4:After washing, please air in the sun. 5:In order to keep clean, please prepare a lot of cloth to replace in time. View Details

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