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Wine Stoppers, Wine Bottle Opener, Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver with Corkscrew from AXIOS - Cool Gift Accessories for Wine Lovers

  • AXIOS vacuum pump makes an air vacuum which saves the wine, protects from oxidation processes and saving the wine with natural fresh smell and taste up to 14 days after the bottle was opened.
  • This unique Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is produced from stainless steel quality material and plastic which comes with 2 reusable bottle stoppers and 1 corkscrew.
  • Beautifully crafted and professional waiters corkscrew includes a foil cutter and beer bottle opener and will make an opening bottle of wine fun again. Enjoy opening your best wines with ease using your new heavy duty wine opener especially when utilizing the classic double hinged fulcrum feature, enabling to remove even the longest and most fragile corks. The corkscrew is the size of your hand and fits right into your pocket, it's the perfect tool for the wine lover, waiter or bartender.
  • Decorative packaging box makes this set ideal as a gift for any occasion. It makes an excellent and fun topic of conversation at dining parties. Besides, it fits nicely with any decor and is perfect for storage with the rest of your home bar accessories.
  • At AXIOS we put our heart and soul into our products. Love your new wine set or we will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

**UNMATCHED WINE PRESERVING** With Axios wine kit you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine without having to fear the wine going bad before your next glass, even if the next glass isn't until a few days after. This wine preserver will keep your wine fresh for days. **RELIABLE WINE STOPPERS** Together with the wine pump, these wine stoppers ensure your wine will stay fresh for days after your first glass by removing all air from inside the wine bottle. **OUTSTANDING GIFT BOX** The AXIOS wine set comes in a beautifully designed gift box. You will find all the parts carefully protected in the box which also makes it ideal to store the products after first use. It will impress your guests without a doubt. **WHAT'S INCLUDED:** 2 x Reusable Rubber Wine Stoppers 1 x Wine Saver Vacuum Pump 1 x 3-in-1 Corkscrew **HOW TO USE:** 1\. Wash the bottle stopper with water before using. 2. Insert the wine stopper into the bottle. 3. Put the wine saver pump over the stopper. 4. Pumping the air out until feeling a strong air resistance. Then it is done. 5. Press the release button to move the stopper when you need to drink again. Well, what are you waiting for? Add AXIOS wine opener set to your cart and make sure you have enough wine. View Details

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