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Utopia Kitchen 20 Piece Flatware Set Silverware Set - Stainless Steel - Service for 4 - Multipurpose Use for Home Kitchen or Restaurant

  • 20-piece flatware set for four that comprises of four dinner knives, four tablespoons, four dinner spoons, four dinner forks and four dessert forks
  • This silverware set is made of heavy-duty stainless steel to deliver immaculate results at all times; its heat-resistant, anti-rust and non-bendable nature keeps it in great shape for long
  • The set passes through a mirror polish procedure so that it can hold its shine without encountering dullness
  • Its elegant erection with simple designing gives your table a luxurious look, making it cater to your dining needs well
  • The flatware set is dishwasher safe. Hand-washing is recommended to prolong the set's life

**A 20-Piece Flatware Set For Four** This 20-piece flatware set is the perfect choice to make when you are catering to the dining needs of a small family as it can serve four individuals at a time. The set incorporates table knives, tablespoons, dinner spoons, dinner forks and dessert forks to make your dining experience worthwhile. Decorate your dining table in style with this simple cutlery set that gives a very luxurious and pleasant look to it. **Heavy-Duty Construction** This silverware set is sturdily constructed using heavy-duty stainless steel 18/0 so that it can deliver the best of performance whenever in use. Its heat- resistant, anti-rust and non-bendable nature keeps it in great shape for longer. The set passes through a brilliant mirror polish procedure, ensuring that it keeps its sheen intact even after the roughest of uses. To further smoothen up its use, the knife’s blade material is sharp enough to cut through the food item effortlessly. Also, it provides a perfect grip at the time of use as the handles are erected in-line so that you don’t need to go through discomfort at any point and time due to it's use. **Dishwasher-Safe** The set is very easy to clean without the need to fight harsh stains with hands as it's dishwasher-safe. Even after dishwashing, the set won’t lose its shine and will look as good as new. **The Pack Contains:** * Table Knife x 4 (6 mm thickness, 22.6 cm length) * Table Spoon x 4 (2.5 mm thickness, 20.3 cm length) * Dinner Spoon x 4 (2.5 mm thickness, 18.2 cm length) * Dinner Fork x 4 (2.5 mm thickness, 18.3 cm length) * Dessert Fork x 4 (2.5 mm thickness, 17.3 cm length) View Details

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