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EXCEL LIFE Wine Opener Accessories Set - Wine Bottle Air Pressure Pump Opener Corkscrew And Foil cutter, Easy Remover, Cork Out Tool

  • Fast and easy : Just hold the bottle , slid the needle in , pump a few times and then the cork is out .
  • Elegant design:This wine air pressure opener was designed with a dark wood grain handle and it is fashionable .
  • No damage to the cork:Using the needle of the opener will make sure the wooden cork will not be broken in the pieces . it is suitable for old wines with flagile corks
  • Foil cutter included :The foil remover will help you remove the foil top before the cork removal .
  • Guarantee: We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our product - if you don't like it, we will take it back and offer a replacement or refund

Looking for a perfect wine opener? Just click the "add to chart"! This air pressure wine opener provides you with a convenient way to pen a bottle of wine, no dragging , no twisting , no gas cartridge needed either, 10 seconds to see a cork out . It is lightweigh and portable , you can use it at bar , resultant or your dining room . perfect gift for wine lovers. **Usage :** • 1. Use the foil cutter to remove the foil cap of the wine bottle. • 2. Insert the needle into the middle of the bottle and make sure the needle has passed through the entire cork. • 3. Press the corkscrew to pump air into the bottle by lifting and lowering corkscrews coat, until the cork slides out of the bottle. (Normally, 3-7 pumps per bottle is appropriate) **Caution:** • Do no use the wine opener with plastic corks and sparkling wines! • Keep it out of reach of children And now you can just buy it! View Details

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