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Bouquet Wine Saver and Wine Opener Set with a Bonus - 7 pcs Wine Accessories Kit including Foil Cutter, 2 x Wine Bottle Stopper and Vacuum Wine Saver Pump, Stainless Steel and teflon

  • <p> ✔️ 7 piece WINE ACCESSORIES SET - Easy instructions to understand; use the vacuum on a recently opened bottle of Cabernet Franc...1 week later, Excellent!</p>
  • <p> ✔️ THE EASY TO USE AND DURABLE SET INCLUDES ALL YOU NEED TO OPEN, TO PRESERVE AND ENJOY A BOTTLE OF WINE - Comes with everything you need to open and reseal your wine bottles. Great value for the price and looks great in your bar area. It includes - 1x Foil Cutter, 1x Wine Air Pressure Opener, 1x Wine Saver Vacuum Pump, 2x Wine vacuum bottle stoppers and instruction of use.</p>
  • <p> ✔️ AN AMAZING GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS - Great product for a wedding shower and more likely for a St Valentine Day gift. Comes in a little box what make it looks fancy.</p>
  • <p> ✔️ STRETCH THE PLEASURE ENJOYING YOUR FAVORITE BOTTLES OF WINE - 2019 Model has even better quality, looks great and are durable.</p>
  • <p> ✔️ OUR TEAM IS HEAR - to answer all your questions and suggestions in order to offer you the best experience with Bouquet wine and bar accessories set. Thank you for choosing us!</p>

** The Wine Set offering you an exclusive quality of each and every single item. Laboratory reports showed great results on durability and tests on the high quality of the materials used. Each product provides a smooth usage thanks to their ergonomic design and built-in quality. With this set, you can focus on enjoying wine tasting without any hassle by: \- cutting the foil in the wink of an eye. \- popping out the cork in the simples way. It’s also fun to use – which is a rather big sway in its favor. \- pouring the wine without red spots on your tablecloth, on your guest’s shirt or on anything. \- saving the wine until next time, with one of the 2 stoppers included, for your favorite red or white wine. ★ Do you want to offer a wine accessories set as a gift? Imagine what the person will think if your gift will break apart after 1 or 2 weeks of usage? With this Gift Set you have made the right choice, it will help you avoid any embarrassing situation. ★ So, if you want to be **IN STYLE** , go ahead and click “ **Add to Cart** ”, and we will take care of the rest ! View Details

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