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Wine Bottle Opener, AIBSI Personalized Wine Corkscrew Accessories, 3-Pack Elephant Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, Best Gifts for Sommeliers, Waiters and Bartenders (Rosegold)

  • Let Your Money Create Values- This Corkscrew cleverly combines the characteristics of wine opener and foil cutter in a stylish and durable zinc alloy elephant body that is easy to operate and save time. You simply aim the wine corkscrew directly at the bottle neck, slightly press down, pull up and then finally open the bottle. It simply takes you 2 seconds to open a cork ,furthermore, elephant wine opener needn't to be charged and the battery
  • Exquisite and Fashionable Gift Box -3-Pack wine opener set includes an elephant wine opener, a vacuum stopper and a base with foil cutter. vacuum stopper can pumped away the remaining air in bottle to keep the wine from degenerate . A base with foil cutter rotating it slightly on the bottle cap can easily removes all types of aluminum foils so that you needn't to buy any other gadgets
  • Accords with Ergonomics- The screws and nut needles are combined firmly to ensure the screw doesn't reverse when pulling the cork. Moreover, The screw is very sharp and long enough to pierce the cork that protect the cork from damage The handle is not tight, and the stopper can be pulled out without strong force ,even girls can open the wine bottles easily
  • ABS+PC+Zinc Alloy+ Stainless Steel-Thickening stainless steel drill bit is firm and durable, using the finest quality materials which is rusty-proof ,resistant to fall, convenient for clean up, requiring no regular maintenance. Smooth surface and elephant shape looks more exquisite and fashionable
  • Customer Service -We offer 1-year limited warranty and customer service. If there is any problems, please feel free to contact us . If something breaks or really don't love your wine opener, we will offer you a replacement or refund your money

**Color:** Rose gold **Materials:** ABS+PC+Zinc Alloy+ Stainless Steel **Have you ready to enjoy your wine?** An elephant designed wine opener ,simply requires 2 seconds to open and immediately taste the clear and glycol wandering in red wine with fragrance. **Elephant shape wine bottle opener's characteristics:** **Beautiful and Fashionable Appearance:** elephant shaped corkscrew applies new resistant aluminum alloy stainless steel material with smooth and bright surface, which has a delicate and beautiful modeling, and is portable and easy to carry. It is the necessities of life for home and travelling, best gifts for wedding, restaurant, bar and party. **Save labors:** Traditional red wine opener is difficult to operate and strenuous. Men look like a "barbarous gentleman" , when opening the red wine bottle, which heavily damages romantic delight of life. Gold elephant red wine bottle opener gets rid of the disadvantages of traditional openers, which perfectly applies modern technology that is suitable for women use. **Package Content:** wine bottle opener*1 vacuum stopper*1 foil cutter*1 View Details

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