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100 Quart Vacuum Sealer Bags Size 8" x 12" for Food Saver, Seal a Meal Type Vac Sealers, Sous Vide Vaccume Safe, BPA Free, Heavy Duty Commercial Grade, Pre-Cut Storage Bag Universal Design Avid Armor

  • AVID ARMOR PRE-CUT QUART 8x12 INCH PRE-CUT BAGS - our heavy-duty premium bag works with Foodsaver, Seal-a-Meal and other brand name food vacuum sealers. Excellent quality at economical price
  • WORKS WITH ALL VACUUM SEALER MACHINES - Universal bag design works with all food vacuum heat sealer machines. Easy to use, no rolls to cut. A money & food saver
  • FOOD SAFE - BPA Free material for storing fresh or cooked foods in freezer, microwave, and sous vide vaccume cooking
  • POPULAR QUART BAG SIZE, 100 COUNT PACK - 8 Inch x 12 Inch precut bag. Our most popular size and best value. Perfect for a variety of foods, keepsakes and household items
  • HEAVY-DUTY COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY - Designed with 3 mil front panel, 4 mil embossed back panel for maximum protection and freshness up to 5 times longer than traditional methods of packaging. Eliminates freezer burn and dehydration

**Avid Armor embossed pre-cut bags are compatible with Food Saver sealers and all major brand vacuum sealers. Lock in the nutrients and keep your food fresh up to 5 times longer than other traditional methods!** -8"x12" Quart Bags are ideal for storing multiple portions of fruits or vegetables, large cuts of steak, pork chops, chicken breasts or even multiple pound portions of ground meat. -Pack and freeze your fresh harvest, money saving bulk buys, fresh game or fish with no fear of freezer burn or dehydration. -BPA Free, FDA Food Safe Material -Heavy-duty 3 mil front panel, 4 Mil Embossed back panel -Bags perfect for Sous Vide cooking. Simply grab a bag, seal and simmer! -No need to unroll, measure, cut and seal. Easy to use, saves time & money! -Avid Armor Bags have been designed and tested to be used with most major brand vacuum sealers: Food Saver Cabela's VacMaster Seal-a-Meal Weston / Hamilton Beach LEM And More... **Avid Armor is committed to top-quality products and 5-star customer service. Thanks for taking your business off the grid and supporting our small business! Welcome to the Avid Armor community!** View Details

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