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FoodSaver 3-Pack Bottle Stoppers (2 Pack/6 Total)

  • Fits standard wine bottles and most standard-size bottles
  • Keep wine fresh up to 5X longer
  • Works great for wine bottles or oil and vinegar infusions
  • Set of 3 Oster Foodsaver reusable and easy to clean stoppers (2 Pack/6 Total)
  • BPA free

**Forget the cork and use Oster FoodSaver® 3-pack Bottle Stoppers to preserve the quality and taste of wine.** **Great for Wines, Oils, and Vinegars** The bottle stoppers keep wine fresh and flavorful by extending the quality of opened bottles so you can enjoy a glass with dinner throughout the week. In addition to preserving opened bottles of wine, the bottle stoppers also come in handy for vacuum sealing bottles of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, homemade infusions, and other kitchen essentials. **Vacuum Sealing Made Simple** To vacuum seal, simply insert the narrow end of the bottle stopper into the open bottle. Raised, vertical edges make the stoppers easy to grip. Next, connect the hose from a FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, and let the machine take it from there. The vacuum sealer will automatically remove all the air inside the bottle to create a stay-fresh, airtight seal. Designed to fit most standard bottles, the bottle stoppers replace corks for a tight seal, with the added benefit of creating an airtight vacuum seal when used with a FoodSaver vacuum sealing system (machine not included). **BPA-Free Material** Made of durable, BPA-free, polycarbonate plastic, the bottle stoppers are both stain resistant and odor proof for reliable performance from one use to the next. These bottle stoppers are reusable and clean up easily by hand or in the dishwasher. View Details

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