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Uniqos Kitchen 7 Piece Premium Quality Stainless Steel Knife Set (5 Knives plus Acrylic Stand plus two stage Sharpener)

  • Knives set is one piece Stainless Steel elite design - perfect for your daily slicing and dicing needs. Also includes stylish Acrylic stand to conveniently keep knives safely. In addition, two stage sharpening system will give new life to your knives just in few strokes
  • Single piece Stainless Steel design takes your handle falling off worries away. Set includes multiple models of the knives: 8" Chef Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Carving Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 3.5" Paring Knife. Knives are made from 420 Grade 3Cr13 Stainless Steel thickness
  • Conservative blade thickness and design allow for easy handheld use. Tarnish-free & rust-resistant, easy to clean stainless steel blades. Beautiful & modern style Acrylic Stand is included for safe and efficient organization
  • Two stage sharpening system has been designed to sharpen dull or blunt kitchen knife. Stage 1 is the COARSE sharpening for dull or blunt blades. The second stage, FINE, smooths the knife edge for final finishing & polishing
  • Sharpener comes with slip-resistant rubber base maximizing stability making sharpening easy & minimizing potential risk of injuries! Ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in hand making it safe & steady to sharpen on flat surfaces

**Why to buy this Premium Knife Set?** This high-quality single all-in-one purchase will get you all the essential cutting tools you need at once. Complete package for your cutting needs: * Classical looking modern design can fit into any kitchen décor * Knives are made of 420 grade Stainless Steel with hollow handle for ergonomic, easy grip and hold. Sharp blades cut really nice and smooth * Set comes with a stylish see-through stand which makes it easy to find the right knife * In addition, the two stage detachable sharpener is also provided to always keep your knives sharp **Material:** * Knives: Stainless Steel * Stand: Acrylic * Sharpener: PP & TPR **Size:** * 1 x Chef Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness * 1 x Bread Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness * 1 x Carving Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness5 * 1 x Utility Knife 2.5 mm blade thickness * 1 x Paring Knife 2 mm blade thickness * 1 x Acrylic Stand * 1 x Two stage knife sharpener 19 x 5 x 5.5 cm **Care:** * Please hand clean knives and don't use the dishwasher. This way it will not rust and neither will get dull * In case if run it through dishwasher & few spots appeared, don't worry! Simply remove rust spots by pouring some lemon juice into a tall glass, and then soak the knives in the lemon juice for a few minutes * To achieve sharp edges in Sharpener, simply draw the knife through each slot of the sharpener a few times (only in one direction toward chef) * Keep sharpener dry and clean. Do not put into the dishwasher or water * Sharpener is not suited for serrated knives and scissors * Do not overpower sharpener back and forth when grinding * Keep the knive & sharpener out of the reach of children to avoid an accident View Details

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