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Totally Bamboo In Drawer Knife Block, 100% Organic Bamboo Knife Block, Holder, Storage Organizer; This Eco Friendly Knife Organizer Holds up to 15 Knives. Keep your counter tops clear and Knife Safety

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This organic bamboo drawer organizer comes with 100% Satisfaction Replacement Warranty
  • ORGANIC: The bamboo on this cutlery organizer is organically Grown; no Fertilizers, Pesticides or artificial irrigation and ZERO chemicals.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent; occasionally treat with Totally Bamboo's Revitalizing Mineral Oil to protect and extend the life and beauty of your board
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP & FUNCTIONALITY: Each knife rests in its own slot to prevent edges from any damage. This bamboo cutlery holder can store up to 15 knives safely and compactly in a drawer. It measures 17" deep x 5.25" wide and 2" high; fits in most standard depth drawers, up to 3" deep depending on knife handle
  • RENEWABLE: Made of Moso bamboo which is known for its strength, density and high quality; bamboo is one of the most renewable resources in the world as it's the Fastest growing, NO clear cutting, NO erosion & NO replanting needed. Eco - Friendly & Bacteria Resistant.

Totally Bamboo brings you another great kitchen item, the In Drawer Knife Block. It helps keep counters clear while storing knives in a safe and compact manner. The Knife Block fits in most standard depth drawers, up to 3" deep depending on the knife handle. Store up to 15 knives, depending on knife sizes, in a way that protects their edges from damage while still being easily accessible during any level of culinary experience. This Bamboo Knife Block measures 17" deep x 5.25" wide and 2" high. Wash by hand with warm water and occasionally use Totally Bamboo's Revitalizing Oil to extend life and beauty of your knife block. From the original bamboo cutting board company, Totally Bamboo, this piece is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. Every Totally Bamboo piece is distinctively attractive and super durable. Bamboo is the natural alternative for all things wood, substantially stronger than hard woods often used for cutting boards. It is the fastest growing plant on our planet and does not require any special care to grow. In fact, it is a grass that produces more oxygen than a hard wood forest of comparable size, therefore reducing carbon dioxide gases associated with climate change. It also prevents soil erosion through its widespread root system and large canopy. At Totally Bamboo, we are proud to use "Moso" timber which is harvested at the optimum age of 5 years from our own bamboo forests which are not a habitat for pandas. Our goal is continuous improvement through design, developing new, unique and innovative products which appeal to the environmentally conscious. View Details

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