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Cutting Board, Lovin Product Professional Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board; Juice Groove & Hand Grips/Healthy Organic/Thicker Boards/BPA-Free/Durable Chopping Board for Kitchen (18X12 Inch)

  • Exceptional Quality - If you are looking for a best quality cutting board that is extremely safe to use, then we got you covered. Giving you a long-lasting cutting board that will never crack or splinter, and it is moisture resistant. The end result is a professional, high quality, durable and thick edge grain cutting board that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Cutting Board - Crafted from 100% premium organic Moso bamboo, one of the strongest strands of bamboo in existence, to provide exceptional quality that you truly feel. Biodegradable. Highly renewable resource. Naturally resistant to water penetration. Natural antibacterial properties. They are BPA free and bamboo's antimicrobial properties make meal prep safer.
  • Thick & Durable - Commercial-restaurant grade with industrial quality strength and durability that can serve all your premium butcher block and utility board needs. The bamboo is stronger than maple, giving you a long-lasting cutting board that will never crack or splinter, and it is moisture resistant. The smooth finish is durable enough for carving, slicing and all culinary, heavy-duty, even professional or commercial cooking preparation. Its natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • Unique Design - Premium beautiful handmade wooden design protects blade from dulling. This Extra Large cutting board (18x12x0.8 Inch) is big enough to prepare any meal in one go. The deep drip groove keeps away the juice of meat or vegetables from your counter while cooking, and they bear ergonomic grips so as to keep them hanging as a gem on the kitchen countertop. You can even use as a cheese board or serving tray for entertaining guests.
  • Multi Use & Easy to Clean - Our bamboo cutting board bears No Slip Design and a reversible design with smooth, rounded edges and makes it safe for use. It is the perfect board for cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, chicken, and cheese. It is also a preferred gift idea in 2018 for housewarming, weddings, Christmas, birthday, and mother's & father's days. Less work to clean than wood cutting boards simply wash with warm water and soap and air dry.

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: HEALTHIER PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHIER PEOPLE. The Greener Chef family believes that health begins in our home kitchens. And we're like you -- we want our kitchen products to be as natural as the foods we eat off them! Our raw bamboo cutting board never contain harmful chemicals, dyes, solvents, adhesives, stains, lacquers, sealants, formaldehydes, pesticides, etc. commonly found elsewhere. Plus, bamboo is known to have natural, anti-microbial properties, making it the best choice for kitchen use (but hey, you should prolly still wash it)! **How to maintain bamboo cutting board?** The care of bamboo cutting boards is extremely similar to that of traditional wood cutting boards: Prime it with mineral oil, and refresh it every month or so. (Wipe with oil, let sit for a while, perhaps 15-20 minutes, wipe off). Wash only with mild soap, and rinse and dry immediately. Do not soak it. **Cleaning Instructions:** Hand wash with light soap warm water and wipe dry. Do not soak. **Product Dimensions:** Size: 18 X 12 X 0.75 inch Weight: 3.6 LB **Package Includes:** 1 x Bamboo Cutting Board View Details

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