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EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board & Thick Butcher Block w/Juice Groove - 17x13x1.5" Wood Cutting Board, Premium Quality and Professional Design - Bamboo Chopping Block

  • SIZE MATTERS - Professional chefs know, BIGGER and THICKER is better for wood cutting boards! Compare to other kitchen board and chop board products before you buy: at 17" x 13" x 1.5" and 7 lbs. weight, our extra large bamboo cutting board has them beat for strength, durability, and performance. This thick and heavy bamboo chopping board is the ideal size for frequent use. It's the perfect meat chopping board, vegetable cutting board, and serving tray all in one!
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE - This cutting board tray lasts longer than many kitchens! The advantages of a finely constructed bamboo end grain cutting board: it's lighter than a traditional wooden cutting board, extremely durable, and scratch resistant. Enjoy the performance and comfort of bamboo: it's dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not damage your knives. Designed for use by professional chefs and frequent use in home and kitchen, with ultimate satisfaction.
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY - Bamboo is a naturally non-porous wood. Unlike traditional wooden kitchen cutting boards, our bamboo cutting boards for kitchen do not easily absorb liquids, retain odors, or soak in stains. This wooden chopping block is less prone to cracking or warping and extremely easy to clean. This is a safe, organic cutting board and FDA certified for use with food. It's the best wooden cutting board for busy kitchens.
  • CHOOSE BAMBOO - Cutting boards made from bamboo are Earth-friendly, because bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource. Unlike trees, which can take decades to grow, bamboo completely regenerates within 3-5 years. Bamboo is also completely safe and natural wood, unlike most plastic or synthetic materials. Purchasing the best bamboo cutting board is a win for you and the Earth. Great buy for cool kitchen stuff, a bridal shower present, wedding present, or a housewarming gift.
  • SERVE IN STYLE - SoulFino Bamboo Chopping Board Looks Great on any Kitchen Counter, Offering a Clean and Elegant Look that Blends in with All Types of Décor. Can Double as an Attractive SERVING TRAY or Trivet. Side Handles Make It Convenient to Use this Chic Board to Serve Sliced Meats, Cheese, Fruit & More.

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