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Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Kitchen Cutting Board Mats Set, Set of 4 Colored Mats With Food Icons & Easy-Grip Handles, BPA-Free, Non-Porous, Dishwasher Safe By Olivivi

  • Easy to use: Lightweight, flexible, hanging hole design, dishwasher safe(<90℃). Hanging hole design: Easier to take, pull and hang. Flexible: Each cutting board (12"×15") is easy to store and curl to a certain angle, which is helpful to pour the chopped food directly and quickly into the wok or other ute
  • 1.3mm: Thicker and more durable than the similar product on the market. No need to worry about leaving a knife mark or cutting through the cutting boards.
  • Densely distributed points on the reverse side: More friction and slip resistance than the crosshatched back. It solved the potential risk of unstable cooking board.
  • Color coded design: Green for vegetables; Red for meat; Blue for fish; Yellow for fruit; Orange for chicken; Purple for bread. To use our cutting boards is helpful to keep the food authentic and avoid mixing food flavors caused by mixing cutting board to cut food.
  • Antibacterial: Plastic cutting boards are made of polypropylene without the nooks and crannies. However, The food-borne pathogens may simply take refuge within the nooks and crannies of the porous wood, where they would then be free to breed. And since we know that bacteria can live on a cutting board for up to 60 hours, that wooden cutting board could be hosting an entire colony of pathogens by then.

**Olivivi Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats (Set Of 4)** \- Olivivi cutting mats are thicker than other mats, 1.3mm design makes sure that they will not wear out easily as other brands mats, more durable. \- The Anti-Slip Bottom keeps our mats in place and prevents slipping on most counter-tops. Specifically designed not to dull the edge of a knife, also ease transferring their contents to a cooking or storage vessel. \- Our flexible cutting mats are 4 colors coded for different food groups, to help preventing cross contamination. The colors are: Green for vegetables, Yellow for poultry, Red for meats, Blue for fish. \- Ease transferring contents to a cooking or storage vessel. Olivivi cutting mats are dishwasher safe (<90℃) ( keep them flat in the dishwasher. If there is slightly curl after dishwashing, put it into boiling water and take out immediately, lay it flat on the countertop.) and measured 12 x 15 inches. They are very easy to clean and store. \- Olivivi cutting mats are BPA free & dishwasher safe. Unlike wood, plastic boards do allow rinsing with harsher cleaning chemicals such as bleach and other disinfectants without damage to the board or retention of the chemicals to later contaminate food. 1Year Guarantee and Free replacement if there is a problem with the products received. View Details

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