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Large Cold-Brew French Press Coffee-Maker - Strongest Coffee Ever - Best for Cold Brew, Hot or Iced Coffee - Tea Maker - Glass BPA Free Pot - 1.5L/51oz

  • TRUSTED! Our BPA free strong borosilicate glass and stainless steel filter system lets you make the best cold brew, hot coffee or ice coffee EVER without plastics and chemicals - Effortlessly
  • PRACTICAL! Large enough for family size or a single cup, and the small footprint means that you can easily fit the coffee maker in the refrigerator, under the cabinet, or on the kitchen counter. Included is a sleek non-slip coaster and the french press design also allows for a fast clean up - Easily
  • GETS THE JOB DONE! Extra large surface area allows for maximum coffee absorption which means that you'll enjoy the strongest and most flavorful coffee you've ever made within minutes - Also an amazing tea press for loose tea - Drip coffee machine can't compare
  • INTRODUCING! The Complete Coffee Guide ebook kit featuring french press cold brew secrets and recipes gets emailed with every purchase
  • 100% GUARANTEED! We're only happy when you are. All of our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee so risk nothing and choose Square Cottage with confidence

If you want to enjoy the strongest and most flavorful coffee ever made... then this is the most important french press you'll ever purchase! **FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS** **QUESTION:** Can the coffee maker be used for cold brew and hot coffee? **ANSWER:** YES! Our coffee maker is made from BPA free borosilicate glass and a stainless steel filter which means that you'll be able to make the perfect cup of cold brew and use the french press when you want a cup of hot coffee. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your coffee will be free from plastics and other harmful chemicals. **QUESTION:** Is a 1.5L (51oz) french press design better than other cold brew makers? **ANSWER:** YES! With our large capacity carafe the coffee grinds are free to move around and aid the release of maximum flavor. Cold brew also requires a higher coffee to water ratio so the larger design means that you will get more coffee from each brew. **QUESTION:** Can I make just one cup of coffee? **ANSWER:** YES! Our stainless steel filter will separate the grounds from the coffee once it’s time to pour. This means that while the larger size allows more coffee to be made, you can always make a single serving! **QUESTION:** Can I use this to make tea? **ANSWER:** YES! Because our filter can separate very small particles, our “coffee maker” can be used as a tea maker. This means that all you need is some loose tea and you’ll be enjoying delicious hot or iced tea! **QUESTION:** Does this come with a warranty? **ANSWER:** YES! Our coffee maker is backed by our manufacturer 1 year warranty. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the strongest and most flavorful coffee (or tea) you've ever made! - **Order Now!** View Details

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