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Wine Ziz Wine Pump Vacuum Stoppers With Built-in Vacuum Wine Saver Pump (Set Of 4) | Leak-free Wine Bottle Sealer | Wine Preserver Vacuum Pump | Reusable Air Remover Corks | Food-safe Silicone Caps

  • - FRESHNESS MEETS SIMPLICITY: Keep that bottle of wine tantalizingly fresh up to 7 days the simple way. Our all-new vacuum wine stoppers come with an in-built pump. Just insert the stopper into the bottle, expel air by pumping the rod up and down until you feel some resistance, and you're done.
  • - LEAK-PROOF SEAL: Unlike other reusable wine corks that leak, we've designed ours to create an airtight seal every time. This means you can confidently store that bottle sideways in the fridge. Every set comes with 4 stoppers to give you the freedom to enjoy different kinds of wine at a go.
  • - SAFETY FIRST: No nasty toxins with your wine. The sealing portion of our wine preserver stoppers are made using 100% food-grade silicone. It never compromises your wine, never alters the taste, and never absorbs odors. The wine savers clean with ease to make maintenance a breeze.
  • - VERSATILITY YOU'LL LOVE: These vacuum pump preservation stoppers aren't just for wine. They work on most cork or screw top bottles. Use them to preserve the taste of everything from oil, beer, champagne to mineral water. Looking for a unique gift for that wine lover? You've found it.
  • - BUY RISK-FREE: We love it when our customers are thrilled. That's why we've backed our wine air remover stoppers with a total satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues and we'll do all we can to make you smile. Click 'Add to Cart' now to keep your wine fresher for longer risk-free!

**KEEPING YOUR WINE FRESH HAS NEVER BEEN THIS SIMPLE** **Enjoy Every Drop** Love sipping on your favorite wine but never seem to finish a whole bottle? Our vacuum wine stoppers ensure that taste bud titillating taste stays intact a whole 7 days after opening your wine! But these aren't your regular wine stoppers. We've designed them with an in-built pump to make preservation amazingly easy. Simply insert a stopper into the neck of your bottle, firmly push it down, grab the top, pump the rod up and down until it bounces back up, and your wine is sealed. Want to remove the stopper? Just wiggle it around to let some air in and pull it out. **Experience the Difference** Not all wine preserver stoppers are created equal. Some leak whenever you tilt the bottle; others are made using questionable materials. We've taken the safe, premium approach instead. You'll love the airtight seal created after you pump out all the air. The leak-proof goodness means you can confidently store that bottle sideways in the fridge without coming back to a mess. And we've crafted the sealing portion of the stopper using 100% safe food- grade silicone. This means no worrying about toxins as you sip your sauvignon, enjoy your chardonnay, or savor that merlot. **Here are more reasons to love these vacuum pump stoppers:** \- Fit both cork and screw top bottles for amazing versatility. \- The food-safe stoppers never alter your wine's taste. \- Can be used to preserve oil, beer, champagne, mineral water and more. \- Very simple to clean and don't absorb any odors. \- Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. **Click 'Add to Cart' now to keep your wine fresh the impressively simple way completely risk-free!** View Details

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