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Wine Vacuum Stopper, Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and Wine Bottle Stopper with Date Marker to Remove Air and Vacuum Seal Opened Wine Bottle for 7-10 Days by Ainovate- Wine Gift for Wine Lovers

  • Keeps Wine Fresh:Remove air from your opened wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to 7-10 days, Suitable for all 750ml Red and White Wines and Champagne
  • Easy to Use: First:Place the bottle stopper on top of an opened bottle, pump the air out until you fell a strong air resistance, and until the number inside the date marker line up with "H" meaning high pressure, lastly hold the stopper still and turn the bottle to mark the number of the exact date you opened your bottle.
  • Accuracy:Wine stopper includes a date marker so you can make sure the last glass of the bottle tastes as good as the first pour. If the number of the date Drag drops to "L" level. Re-press the preserver to pump the air out.
  • Ultra Compact:Amazing wine bottle stopper is pretty small in size, easy to carry and to store, Dimension: Diameter 1.7 x 2.3inches.
  • Usability:It's good for traveling and make a perfect gift. Suitable for different events, wine tastings, parties, bars, restaurants, home and so on.

Ainovate is a professional wine accessories and home kitchenware products seller, specializing in "Innovative, Intelligent, Environmental Friendly" Home Electronic Appliances. Never worry about unfinished wine, a handy manual wine vacuum pump to remove all the air out from your unfinished wine, so that you will never have to worry about an unfinished bottle that stops you from opening another one of your lovely wine with your friends or lover. The wine vacuum pump fits for standard 750ml wine bottles. Built-in date marker and pressure indicator to remind you the exact date that the wine is opened and to show you that the wine is perfectly preserved. A well-preserved bottle wine can last from 7 to 10 days from the opened date ! **Warranty:** At Ainovate, we want all our customers to be completely satisfied with our wine accessories. Reliable and friendly customer service ready to respond within a 24-hour time frame. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. Try our wine saver products risk-free on every purchase. **Clean and maintain:** Please wash it in clean water after use and wipe it with soft cloth, then dry. Don't use abrasive cleaning agents. View Details

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