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SZUAH Wine Saver Preserver - with 1 Vacuum Pump and 6 Air Wine Bottle Stoppers(Black).

  • WINE PRESERVE: These wine stopper can extract the air of your wine bottle,to stop oxidation process,prolong and preserve the wine fresh flavor.
  • FIT ALL TYPES: Universal fit for all RED and WHITE wine bottles.So you can taste more than one bottle of wine at a time.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The vacuum pump is made of stainless steel,the reusable wine stoppers are made of food-grade silicone.
  • EASY to USE: It is a hand operation-First, cap your wine bottle with one wine stopper; Second,sit the pump over the stopper; Third,pump the air out until you feel resistance.Remove with a single pull to
  • EASY to CLEAN: Hand washing or dishwasher is OK (wine stoppers only), and easy to store these wine stoppers for reusing.If you are not satisfied with them, refund or replacement is available per you contact

**Keep these wine stoppers to prolong your wine flavor for next drinking.** **Premium Construction:** **Silicone and stainless steel, food grade. **Utility:** **Soft silicone texture makes it easy to fit in all type bottles:wine,champagne,soda, and oil and vinegar. **Easy to Clean:** **Campact or dishwasher. **Buy these wine stopper now to enjoy your mellow wine.** View Details

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