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Utopia Kitchen Natural Bamboo Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves - Wooden Cutting Boards 3 Piece Set

  • Made with ultra thick bamboo to resist cracking or breaking
  • Cutting boards are made with eco-friendly, bacteria resistant, and a highly compressed, bamboo wood
  • Bamboo cutting board set comprises of a large cutting board of 12 X 16 in, a medium cutting board of 9 X 13 in and a small cutting board of 9 X 11 in with thickness of 1 inch each
  • Made with natural bamboo wood to ensure your knives stay sharp
  • Treat your cutting board with oil, this creates a super strong natural wood seal.(walnut, coconut oil are most preferred. Frequently conditioning will protect your board's natural fiber and keep it in its original shape, when you feel your board dry, its time for some oiling.

UTOPIA KITCHEN BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS ARE THE PERFECT BOARDS FOR CUTTING, SLICING, AND CHOPPING FRUITS, VEGETABLES, bread, CHEESE, AND MEAT! MADE WITH EXTRA THICK AND DURABLE BAMBOO. The boards are extra thick and durable and are made with the best quality bamboo. This ensures that you never have to worry about the board breaking or cracking. The set comprises of 3 boards Large cutting board: 16 X 12 in Medium cutting board: 13 X 9 in Small cutting board: 11 X 9 THICKNESS OF 0.8 INCHES EACH SIMPLE TO CLEAN AND KEEP Just hand wash with soap and running water. Application of food grade mineral oil is advised to maintain the longevity of the board. TAKES CARE OF YOUR KNIVES The bamboo wood cutting board is designed to take care of your knives by keeping them safe from dulling and breaking. For best results over longer periods of time, the board and the knives must be washed after every use. Knives are not included with the set. View Details

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