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Two Pack Cooking Thermometer 7" Probe Replacement with 40" wire, Waterproof, Stainless steel, Heat-Resistant, Step-Down Probe Tip, For Smoker Oven Kitchen BBQ Grill Thermometer

  • High Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel replacement probe and/or additional probe.
  • Our Probe and Wire are built to IPX7 waterproof grade which means that it can be used to get the liquid temperature.
  • Hybrid Probe - Monitor the Meat Itself, or the Ambient Temperature In a Smoker/Grill.
  • This kitchen food thermometer probe is with High Temperature Rated - can withstand up to 482°F (250°C).
  • Step-Down Probe Tip Design Probe Length: 7 inch, Cable Length: 40 inch stainless steel mesh cable.

Affordable price makes it possible to keep a spare on hand to replace burned out or damaged probes. Probe cables will withstand 482 °F for short term use to allow for oven browning. 1\. Do not immerse the probe wire or the housing in water, this could cause the probe to short out. It's okay to immerse the probe itself in water. 2\. Clean and dry the probe thoroughly after each use with a damp cloth. 3\. Always insert your probe in the thickest parts of the meat while avoiding fatty or boney areas. 4.Avoid repeated kinking or twisting the probe cable which can break wires over time. With moderate care probes will last a long time. **Package Includes: 2 x probes** View Details

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