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Back Creek Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Indoor/Outdoor for Kitchen Baking Grilling BBQ Smoker - Features Backlight Folding Probe Temperature Hold & Calibrate - Ultra Fast & Easy to Use

  • * EASY TO USE Our digital thermometer is easy to use right out of the box! LED back light and large numbers makes reading easy. Auto on/off feature extends battery life. Hold feature allows reading after probe removal. Easy to store, keep in gift box, hang from hook, or use the strong magnet on back of the unit. Stainless steel probe unfolds turning the unit on and folds back into place, turning the unit off.
  • * INCREDIBLY VERSATILE Indoor or Outdoor. Use for grilling, smoking, bbq meats, baking, yogurt, candy, wine, beer, soups, and more! Find your own new uses. An essential for your home or commercial kitchen. Great for beginners and professionals alike.
  • * FAST AND ACCURATE Our probe is super fast, 2-4 seconds and accurate within +/-1 degree C or +/- 2 F. Wide measurement range -58F ~ 572F (-50C ~ 300C). It is easily calibrated to check accuracy or reset as needed.
  • * REMOVE THE GUESSWORK Cook with confidence. Get juicy meats every time. No more undercooked or overdone food that creates waste and disappointment. Temperature guide included for reference.
  • * LIFETIME WARRANTY Shop with confidence. We remove all the risk by providing a lifetime money back guarantee. Simply contact us, [email protected]

**Would you like to remove the guesswork from your grilling and kitchen creations?** Have you experienced the disappointment of tough, dry steaks or carved a roast that it is cool and pink inside? Look no further than our instant read digital meat and food thermometer. Our thermometer makes it easy by providing the following features: LED back light with large numbers to make it easy to read Stainless steel metal probe that folds into the unit for easy storage. Unit turns on when unfolded and shuts off when closed. Accuracy within +/- 1 degree. Combined with our temperature chart this ensures user confidence Reading with 2-4 seconds. Get in and out so that your smoker, grill, or oven does not cool down. Conveniently store in foam lined gift box, hang on a hook or use the built-in magnet to attach to your refrigerator. All units are ready to use right out of the box. We said it was easy! **How to calibrate:** Fill a cup with ice and top it off with water. Wait a minute. Insert the probe into the water making sure that it is touching ice under water When the temperature stabilizes hold down the "CAL" key for 5 seconds. The screen will flash "CALL" Use the F/C button to increase the temperature or the hold button to decrease it until you reach 32 F or 0 C If you receive an "ERR" message the water may not have had time reach reach its coldest temp or the probe may not be touching ice. Notes: Not for oven use. The plastic is heat resistant but will melt with prolonged oven temperatures Wash by hand with soapy water and a quick rinse. Please do not submerge completely in water for several minutes or wash by dishwasher. Further remove all risk with our lifetime replacement warranty. **Click on add to cart now to get yours. Purchase two and give one as a gift.** View Details

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