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Deiss PRO Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with 4 Bottle Stoppers Wine Preserver – Reliable Stainless Steel Construction - Effectively Removes Air to Maintain Taste and Freshness – Stops Oxidation of Wine

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ★ Deiss lifetime warranty is a guarantee to ensure our customers have a hassle-free experience and unbeatable product lifespan.
  • KEEPS YOUR WINE FRESH AND TASTY ★ Removes oxygen and creates an airtight vacuum that preserves wine and prevents oxidation. You can preserve an opened bottle of wine for up to 2 weeks while maintaining the same taste as of a newly opened bottle.
  • HANDY AND THOUGHTFUL ★ Ergonomic design that overcomes common issues of plastic ones like avoids pinching while usage and breakage due to fragile plastic construction.
  • EASY TO USE ★ Cap the bottle with one of the 4 stoppers provided along with the pump, place the pump on top of the stopper and pump air out until you feel the resistance and it's done!
  • ONE-TIME INVESTMENT ★ Sturdy construction that will reliably serve you for years.

**Wine Saver Pump Preserver with 4 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers** Are you afraid of opening a new bottle just for one glass? Or doubting to offer a previously opened bottle to your party guests? Well...You don't have to anymore! If you don't finish the entire bottle, seal it and preserve the wine with Deiss Wine Preserver. Suitable for all Red and White Wines. **Stops oxidation allowing your wine to age naturally** Works for 4 bottles at a time with 4 stoppers provided. The wine pump and the stoppers can be easily washed and reused again and again making it a perfect one-time investment. **Outstanding Deiss Quality** **Highest quality materials:** Durable Stainless Steel Pump and Stoppers made of TPE which has High Flexibility, Non-Toxic, Soft and Durable. **Ingenious Design:** Ergonomically Designed Non-Slippery Pump Handle reduces fatigue to your hand. **Effectiveness:** Stops oxidation effectively by removing air from the bottle and creating a vacuum. Feel the freshness in the taste similar to that of a newly opened bottle of wine! **How to use!** 1\. Put the wine stopper in the bottle. 2\. Put the wine pump on the wine stopper. 3\. Pull the pump handle up and down repeatedly to remove the air. Pump the air out until you feel a strong air resistance. That's it! 4\. Next time when you want a glass of wine, just press the top of the stopper to release the pressure and open the bottle. **Package Contains** 1 Wine Saver Pump 4 pcs Re-usable Bottle Stoppers **Lifetime Guarantee** Deiss Kitchenware provides a lifetime guarantee on all its product series. **Scroll up, click "Add to cart" to order your wine pump and stoppers set today!** View Details

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