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Premium Electric Wine Opener Set in Wooden Case- Wine Bottle Opener Extracts Corks from Wine Bottles in Mere Seconds - Includes Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Vacuum Wine Stopper

  • SUPREME QUALITY CORDLESS ELECTRIC WINE BOTTLE OPENER is sure to delight all winers and diners among you! So easy and convenient to use, the mere press of a button will extract the cork from any bottle within no time! Then press the second button, and the cork will dislodge from the unit. Serving wine will be a cinch at your next dinner party or festive occasion!
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION make this high performance cordless electric bottle opener an indispensable addition to your bar set! Of silver-grey aluminum and PC carbon steel with Teflon, the sleek modern design features a transparent covering which displays the corkscrew spiral mechanism for all to see. The ultra-strong motor with 4 rechargeable batteries charges effortlessly in 3 hours (12 hours prior to initial use) with the electric 110/220V charger.
  • GENEROUSLY ACCESSORIZED automatic Wine Opener Kit includes a Foil Cutter to remove foil seal from bottles; a Wine Pourer for spill-proof pouring and improved wine aeration; and a Vacuum Wine Stopper to reseal the bottle tight after use.
  • MAKES A CLASSY GIFT IN THE DELUXE WOODEN CASE! The rechargeable and cordless wine opener gift wood case box will charm wine enthusiasts everywhere. Present it on Father's Day or Graduation, to a business associate or friend, or as a housewarming or hostess gift.
  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ensures your RISK-FREE PURCHASE! And what's more, 10% of profits earned from your purchase are DONATED to causes helping children with cancer.

Wine never tasted as good as with this Premium Electric Wine Opener Set brought to you by Best4Chef. Made of quality materials in a sleek design, it takes wine serving to a whole new level. This electric wine opener with charger is so convenient and easy to use. The simple press of a button activates the rotation of the corkscrew spiral into the cork and extracts it from the bottle. Press the second button, and the spiral will rotate in the opposite direction, removing the cork from the unit. And all this, within just a few moments! The wine bottle opener comes replete with 4 rechargeable batteries, with the charge of the high performance motor maintained by the electric 110/220V charger. The electric wine opener set comes replete with a Foil Cutter, a Wine Pourer and a Vacuum Wine Stopper. Encased in an attractive premium quality wooden box, it makes a unique and impressive gift for family, friends or business associates on almost any occasion. So run, don't walk and purchase your deluxe wine opener gift set today. A whole new wine and dine experience is waiting for you, and it's just within your reach! View Details

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