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Electric Wine Opener Set Electric Corkscrew Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper

  • Cordless electric wine bottle opener powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). Removes the cork in seconds effortlessly and prevent your hands from injury
  • Automatic wine opener has simple push button operation. Press the lower button to remove the cork from bottle; press the upper button to release the cork from the corkscrew
  • Foil cutter can not only remove seals covering the cork easily, but also is a dock for wine bottle opener.
  • The small and handy vacuum stopper can remove air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week. It is suitable for all Red and White Wines.
  • The wine pourer. You can simply attach it to the bottle and aerate the wine as you pour. The wine passes through it to release more flavors and aromas.

**Operating Instruction** Open the battery compartment cover and put 4 "AA" batteries into compartment by match "+" and"-" marks on the battery and compartment. Use the foil cutter to remove any foil seal covering the cork before removing the cork Place the wine opener on top of a wine bottle vertically Hold the electric wine opener firmly and press the lower part of the switch. The corkscrew spiral will turn in a clockwise direction and enter the cork and then gradually pull cork out of bottle. Lift the electric wine bottle opener away from the bottle. Remove the cork by pressing the upper part of the switch and the spiral will turn in the counter- clockwise direction and release the cork. Attach the wine pourer to bottle and reduce drips and spills while pouring. The double air intake system makes wine releasing more flavors and aromas. Insert the universal wine stopper into the bottle and pump for several times if there is wine left in bottle. **Note** For indoor use only Keep it away from children to avoid any hurt Do not put your finger into hole of corkscrew in any case, it may cause serious injury Do not put electric wine opener in water or other liquid 4 "AA" batteries not included Read the user manual carefully before using **Package Included:** 1x Electric Wine Bottle Opener 1X Wine Pourer 1x Foil cutter (Dock) 1x Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper 1x Instruction Manual View Details

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