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HJYC Kitchen Knife Sharpener,3-Stage Sharpening Tool,Professional Knife Sharpeners Best,Safe and Easy to Use

  • ★3 Step Sharpening System: Three outstanding hard materials, hard to blunt. The 1st step is to use the tungsten steel slot V double side open front, The 2nd step is to finish the fine grinding by the diamond sharpener. Finally, the 3rd step is finished by the aviation ceramic to achieve the sharp effect.
  • ★Safe and Easy to Use: Ergonomically designed handle and Non-slip base, it is comfortable and safe to use both left and right in your operation. It is easy to operate and can achieve sharp effect quickly. The kitchen knife sharpeners is made of the best ABS material and durable, and our products have passed FDM certification.
  • ★Easy to Clean: New generation knife sharpeners removable grinder can be disassembled freely and easy to clean.
  • ★Suitable for Women: Women are free to wear knives, no longer need trouble men. It can be a gift to family and friends.
  • ★Shop Risk Free: We're so confident that you'll love our knife sharpening kit, we're backing each order with our unconditional money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase.

**Innovative 3-step Knife sharpening system:** 1.Coarse grinding------- **COARSE** (uses tungsten steel blade, for old knife edge and repair very dull blade) 2.Fine grinding---------- **CERAMIC** (uses diamond, used for daily sharpening, sharp blade). 3.polishing---------------- **FINE** (using aviation ceramics for fine sharpening, bright blade) **Usage method:** 1, if your knife is a bit blunt, use **"FINE"** to grind 5 times. 2, if your knife is blunt, first use **"CERAMIC"** to mill 5 back and forth, then use **"FINE"** to grind 5 times. 3, if your knife is very blunt, please use **"COARSE"** to grind 10 times back and forth (grinding iron filings), then use **"CERAMIC"** to mill 10 back and forth, finally **"FINE"** to mill 5 back and forth. **Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to grind once a week to keep your blade sharp.** **Knife sharpener multipurpose:** whether it is chef knife, sushi knife, chopping knife, fruit knife, steel knife, razor, outdoor knife, Swiss Army knife and so on, and even the ceramic knife. **Try Today with Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!** **Order This Excellent Kitchen Gadget Now for Triple-Action Restoration!** View Details

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