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Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Touch Screen, Food Sealer Vacuum Air Sealing System with Starter Bags & Roll and Air Suction Hose for Food Preservation/ Sous Vide, Dry& Moist Food Modes

  • [FULLY EQUIPPED] WELTPACKEN vacuum sealer not only provide vacuum sealer and the air suction hose(17.7"), but also includes 5 x vacuum sealer bags(8"*11.8"), 1 x vacuum sealer bag roll(8"*79") and 1 x user manual. A complete bundle for your new cooking era; fits up to 12" width other brand vacuum sealer bags and rolls. Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Support.
  • [CUSTOMIZE YOUR VACUUM] WELTPACKEN vacuum sealing system is designed owning two select-able modes (Gentle & Normal and Moist & Dry Modes) to provide your food with the best possible preservation based on the type of food you want to seal. You can choose the dry for solid food items and the moist for poached, fresh fish or steamed food; Stop function can further control the vacuum pressure.
  • [STORE & PRESERVE, STAYS FRESH LONGER] Attached with superior sealing ring, WELTPACKEN vacuum sealers preserve food up to 7 times longer than zipper baggies, basically depending on the type of food.Confidently store fresh fruits, vegetables, cuts of meat and more.Reduces spoilage and food waste, you cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical.
  • [AUTOMATIC OPERATION] Designed with Fully automatic one-touch operation, soft touch screen buttons, LED indicator lights, electric plug in and the control center placed on the right panel provides a user-friendly experience for its operator. Accessory port and hose can vacuum seal canisters, wine stoppers or clothing storage bag with "Canister" function.
  • [VERSATILITY] Besides vacuum sealing your food in bag, our vacuum sealer machine also a convenient kitchen tool to vacuum sealing canisters, mason jar lids or wine stoppers; with the rapid marinate mode, marinate in minutes instead of hours, save your time. And also wrap valuables and household items away from dust, damp & humidity.

**Specification:** Rated Voltage: 110VAC Rated Frequency: 50~60Hz Rated Power: 110W Vacuum Power: -0.8bar Construction Material: Engineered ABS Power Cord Length: 39.5" Vacuum sealing operating time: 10-20 Seconds Non-vacuum sealing operating time: 5-10 Seconds **Package Included: 1 x Vacuum Sealer 5 x Vacuum Sealer Bags (8"x11.8") 1 x Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll (8"x79") 1 x Air Suction Hose(17.7") 1 x User Manual View Details

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