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Freshlocker VS160S Vacuum Sealer Automatic Air Sealing System Sealer Machine with Starter Bags and Rolls Sets Dry & Moist Modes for Food Saver (Black/Sliver, Stainless Steel)

  • Reduce Waste & Save Money : Buy in bulk and see all the savings, it keeps food fresh up to 8x longer by safely sealing and freezing meats, leftovers, and everyday items.
  • Convenient Cutting : Build-in cutter machine and removable drip tray,convenient to cut the roll bags and ensure that smooth of the bag open mouth. The cutter machine can cut out the size of the bag you want and reduce the waste of the bag.
  • Pulse Function to Prevent Crushing Foods : Package your delicate food like cookies, fruits and cheese not requiring a full tight vacuum seal.
  • Easy to Use : Automatic Vacuum seal, Seal Only , gentle mode for moist/juicy foods and normal for dry foods. Extra vacuum hole on the top of the machine for vacuuming canisters.
  • Starter kit includes: Freshlocker vacuum sealer, 1 Roll 8"x 10ft, 1 Roll 11"x 10ft, 5 Bags (Quart 8"x 12"), 5 Bags (Gallon 11"x 16"). All kinds being reusable and waterproof, Safety with FDA Approved and BPA Free. Freshlocker Vacuum Sealing Systems are engineered to work best with Freshlocker bags and rolls.

FreshLocker Vacuum Sealer systems are an innovative way to keeps food fresh up to 8x longer. compact design, simple operation, easy to operate, to help you store all kinds of food. Such as preserve fruits, vegetables, and meats, or vacuum them for sous vide cooking. Not only for food, but also can be used to package letters, magazines, valuables, clothes for long-term preservation. It is the best helper for your family. \- LED Digital touch panel. \- Unique bags cutter design. \- With durable stainless steel cover. \- Pulse button, ideal for soft food package. \- Separate vacuum mode for dry and moist food. \- Vacuum Chamber/Removable drip tray design \- Wide sealing line (up to 3mm) prevents air leakage and keeps high vacuum degree for a longer time \- Ideal mate for Sous Vide Cooking. Nutrients, vitamins and trace elements will not lost, vegetables remain crisp and color intensive. \- User can advance sealing the vacuum bag any time when vacuuming, and works with vacuum canister and wine stopper **Specifications:** Specifications Model: VS160S Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.4 x 3.25" Weight: 5lbs Voltage: AC220-240V Frequency: 50/60 hz Power: 135w-165w Vacuum Degree: 0.6-0.8 bar Sealing Time: 4-10s Sealing & Vacuuming Time: 10-20s Sealing width: MAX 12” Preservation Material: PA + PE **Package Contents:** 1 Freshlocker vacuum Sealer 1 Freshlocker Roll 8” x 10f 1 Freshlocker Roll 11” x 10ft. 5 Freshlocker Bag (Quartz 6"" x 10""). 5 Freshlocker Bag (Gallon 11"" x 16""). **Operation Tips:** For the correct storage, please slightly close the cover, do not lock, it will deform the gaskets and affect the machine function. View Details

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