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FoodSaver 1 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit, reg Silver

  • KEEPS FOOD FRESH UPTO 5X LONGER: FoodSaver preserved the foods upto 5x longer and still the taste fresh and protect the foods from freezer burn and spoilage in long term storage
  • EXPRESS BAG MAKER: Reduce bag making steps by 50%, saving time making custom bags with an easier way to measure and automatically create a seal for your next ready to use bag
  • 2-IN-1 FOOD VACUUM SEALING SYSTEM: Provides you more ways to preserve your food thanks to the retractable handheld sealer. Use it to seal FoodSaver zipper bags, canisters, or containers. Whether you want to make prep-ahead meals, store leftovers, or freeze meats and produce for longer periods of time, the 2-in-1 Food Preservation System is a sensible way to save money and eliminate food waste
  • REDUCE ROLL WASTAGE: The Vacuum View Window enables you to see where you seal for optimal control and reduces over 30% of roll waste when compared to previous FoodSaver Food Preservation Systems
  • NRTL TESTED & CERTIFIED PRODUCT: All FoodSaver appliances are ETL or UL certified by Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTLs) for compliance with applicable product safety test standards. Safety is our #1 priority. The FM5480 is durable, high quality, and backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • material_type: Wood

**About the Brand:** The FoodSaver brand provides a range of vacuum sealing systems and an array of useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags. An effective and convenient food-storage solution. With newly designed features, the FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 Food Preservation System makes it easier than ever to keep food fresh up to 5x longer (compared to ordinary storage methods) and save up to $2700 per year (based on buying in bulk, buying on sale, and preventing waste). It reduces bag-making steps by 50%, taking the time and guesswork out of bag making and sealing, along with reducing over 30% of roll waste when compared to previous FoodSaver Food Preservation Systems. Plus, the system provides 2-in-1 versatility for freezer, fridge, and pantry storage. View Details

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