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Bonsenkitchen Electric Knife Sharpener with 2-Stage Steel Diamond Ceramic Coated Sharpening System, Multifunctional Kitchen Knives Sharpening Tool with Non-Slip Base for Easy Use, Red (KH8824)

  • Effective 2-stage knife sharpening system: The knife sharpener features 2-stage sharpening system to sharpen the knife effectively. Stage 1: Reshapes the angle, evenly sharpens and rejuvenates the edge. Stage 2: Finishes the sharpening process honing and polishing the blade, or your paring or pocket knife
  • Non-slip suction base for safety: There is a suction pad on the bottom of the knife sharpener. It is non-slip, added stability and control when operation. It designs for comfort, it makes you safe completely when sharpening. It's the perfect complement in most kitchens
  • Sharp as new knives after sharpening: Professional knife sharpener makes the edge of knife restore the sharp to its original state after sharpening in seconds. It helps to sharpen the dull blade quickly and improve the knife's quality, extending the service life of the knives. It can save your money instead of buying a new kitchen knife
  • Ideal for most types of knives: The knife sharpen is made of premium quality material, suitable for universal kitchen knife, chef knife, boning knife, fruit knife, chop knife, scissors, etc. It is perfect for metal and ceramic knife. It is easy and safe to use, save time and energy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We take full responsibility for Knife Sharpener KH8824 quality and provide one-year warranty for 100% satisfaction, as well as Customer Service & Technical Support

**The best knife sharpener for you.** Many people love cooking in the kitchen, but when thinking about sharpening the knife, they will feel tired and exhausted, do you have this experience? If yes, the knife sharpener can help you to get rid of the trouble. You can sharpen the knife in a few seconds, save your time and energy. There are two stages with the Bonsenkitchen knife sharpener, one is coarse stage, one is fine stage. The a tungsten steel blade is to restore the V-shaped edge, and ceramic rod is to finely sharpen and polish metal blades. **Built for Kitchen and Outdoor Use.** Do you think this knife sharpener is only used for kitchen? Change this thought right away. The knife sharpener is not only built for kitchen, but also for outsides. You can sharpen your kitchen knife, fruit knife in kitchen. Besides, it can be used for hunting knife, folding knife, etc. You can take it anywhere, convenient to use. **Comfortable and convenient to use.** There is a non-slip suction pad on the bottom of the knife sharpener, it helps to keep the sharpener on the desk firmly, it is convenient for you to sharpen the knife, save your energy. After sharpening the knife, you won't feel tired. Only a few seconds, you can create sharp blades. Take this knife sharpener, you can use new knife everyday. **Features:** Electric Knife Sharpener 2 Stages -coarse and Fine Sharpening Crossed Carbide Blades Crossed Ceramic Rods Preset Sharpening Angles Anti-Slip Suction Base Compact Design Easy to Use View Details

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