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1500W Sous Vide Exactness Cooker Immersion Circulator, Vacuum Food Cooker, LCD Digital Display Cooking Machine, Accurate Temperature Digital Timer,Ultra-Quiet,Stainless Steel Kitchenware

  • <b>Professional Tender&Juicy Cooking: </b>Biolomix 1500 Watt Exactness Cooker is Able to Control The Cooking Temperature to Any Degree(0°C-95°C)Variance: ± 0.01° Under The Boiling Point Of Water. Heats The Food to a Constant Temperature And Keeps it, The Best Way For Cooking Meats Tender Any Juicy, Healthy And Delicious Life! /Recommend Recipes: Steak(57°C 1/2hours),Chicken Breast(62°C 35 mins),Eggs(75°C 13mins),Carrot(85°C 25mins)
  • <b>Fast Cycle Heating:</b>At 1500W, The Sous Vide Can Heat Water Faster and At a Faster Rate. Cooking Time is Reduced.This Temperature is Kept Uniform and Stable, Helping to Cook Food at Specific Temperatures. The Improved Circulator and 7.9 (in) Working Body Can Handle Larger Water Baths to Cook More(For details, please refer to Figure 2 for specific experimental data)
  • <b>Easy to Use :</b> Simple Two Button, One Knob Operation, is Simple to Use. You Can Set Timer to Delay The Start Sf Cooking Time At 4PM For 2 Hours, And Dinner is Just About Ready By 6PM When You Get Home. Just The Scroll Wheel to Increase or Decrease The Number On Screen, It is Easy to Master And Use
  • <b>Reliable And Quiet Operation: </b>Use it, Just Put The Device in Any Pot And Fill it With Water. There is a Large Clip on The Back to Make Sure it Doesn't Fall Off. Lmportant Safety Features Include a Low Water Warning (When The Water Level is Below The Minimum Mark, it Will Automatically Turn Sff. When The Water Level is Below The Minimum Mark or Above The Maximum Mark, it Does Not Work) It is Very Quiet When Used, Does Not Disturb Sleep Baby
  • Simple and Practical: Unlike Other Immersive Circulators,Those With WIFI and Bluetooth Capabilities Are Considered too Complex And Provide Personal Privacy Information, And Add Cost,We Focus On The Core Functions Of The Sous Vide Cooker Itself. The Stainless Steel Sleeve Makes It Very Easy to Clean And Dry. No Other Fancy Equipment is Needed. Suitable For High-End Hotels, High-End Western Restaurants, Home Kitchens, Low-Temperature Cooking Steaks, Pork Chops, Lamb Chops,Fish,Vegetables, Etc

**Super Sous Vide:** Biolomix introduces the Super Sous Vide hot dip circulator to help you cook any food with a power of 1500 watts compared to other 800 watt and 1200 watt immersion circulators This makes the cooking and warm-up time definitely faster. With Biolomix's immersion circulator you can now enjoy professional home cooking without the hassle. Adjustable time and temperature controls give you complete control over the cooking process An easy-to-read LCD display, digital soft touch buttons and built-in thermostat prevent brain cooking The default temperature for each meal is set to Celsius (°C) for delicious and consistent results, or you can set it to Fahrenheit (°F) **Anyone can become top chefs:** cooking this way will create the most amazing changes in the lives of steak, chicken, fish, vegetables, and just about anything you What is invested in it is that its food is cooked in its juice. It turns out that they are perfect medium pink, and the steak is our gentle and delicious. Allow anyone to cook a restaurant at home. **Recipes Advice:** :Steak-132°F/55.5°C, 6 hours Salmon-110°F/43°C, 30-45 minutes Chicken-140°F/60°C, 30 minutes Eggs-140°F/60°C, 10 minutes Of course, you can control your cooking methods, for example: you can increase the temperature and shorten the time. These are within your control and you can explore the mysteries of food **Using steps:** Step 1: Seal food in a vacuum bag, and place them in a water bath Step 2: Press the ON button for 3 seconds and then it will bleep and the display will turn on. The display will show the current temperature Step 3: Set timer to delay the start of cooking time. Or press set button again to set actual cook time, called "work time" on this unit (which only starts counting down once water has reached the correct temp) Step 4: Set the temperatures / timer using the black scroll wheel on the front View Details

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