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Royal 4 Hour Ready Wick Screw Cap Chafing Fuel, Package of 24

  • RECYCLED MATERIALS! The active ingredient in this chafing fuel is diethylene glycol (DEG), and is odorless. The container is made from recycled materials and is able to be recycled with other metals after use/ (Please check your local laws and regulations regarding waste disposal.)
  • SAFETY FIRST! This product is a safe option for events and parties. They are easy to re-light and are non-flammable. Please read all safety directions carefully. The container does not become dangerously hot when lit, helping to prevent burns and injuries to staff.
  • BURN TIME! This product is designed to burn for six hours. Each can is 5.57 oz (163 g). Perfect for many events! The flame from these fuel canisters covers the widest surface area for keeping foods hot. This product has 100 percent fuel usage with no waste or residue. They are can easily be re-lit, and have a medium width, steady flame. Shelf life of 12 months.
  • KEEP FOOD HOT! Chafing gel fuel is meant for use in chafing dishes, fondue displays, room service at hotels, or beverage urns. It safely keeps foods and drinks hot and appetizing. Ensuring food is the proper temperature is an important element of food service safety, as well as customer satisfaction!
  • USE AT PARTIES, WEDDINGS, CONFERENCES AND OTHER EVENTS! Chafing gel is an essential item for any buffet. They are the perfect solution for temporary buffet set-ups.

**Safe and effective!** This chafing gel burns for four hours, and is held within a spill proof container. It the container is knocked over, spillage is prevented. The container does not become dangerously hot, helping to prevent burns and injury to staff. **Keep food hot!** Perfect for buffets, room service trays, or beverage urns. This time keeps food hot and ready to eat. This ensures both food safety and customer satisfaction! **Less waste!** These canisters are made from recycled materials. They can be recycled after use. This item offers 100 percent fuel usage, with no residue or waste left over. View Details

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