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4-Pack of Fermentation Lids with Extractor Pump for Wide Mouth Mason Jar

  • Completely BPA-Free, Food-Safe & Dishwasher Safe - Our fermenter lids are easy to disassemble and clean. Use and reuse them all year long to ferment your favorite vegetables!
  • Fool-Proof Waterless Valve - Our lids include one-way waterless valves that helps you automatically vent gases and prevent oxygen exposure, perfect the fermentation process. Besides, airtight to keep coffee, juice and more stay fresh longer.
  • Handy Extraction Pump Make Sure Professional Quality Results -An easy-to-use extractor pump is included which enables you to quickly suck the oxygen from jars when you need to restore the seal after opening to make a taste.
  • Fits All Standard Wide Mouth Mason Jars - Simply screw them onto your wide mouth mason jars and easily begin your fermentation without hassle!
  • Note- Mental rings and mason jars are not included, only the tops and pump.

Soligt Makes Fermentation Easy We are a company dedicated to healthy living and eating, so you can trust that our fermentation supplies do what we say they do! These lids along with the included extractor pump are essentials for experts and novices alike who are looking to take advantage of all the benefits fermented food can offer. Many competitive products do ok, but no other is as reliable as our four-lid set. The reason is that they're specifically designed to keep out oxygen, while letting carbon dioxide escape. This ensures fermentation occurs without mold, bad bacteria or any other undesirables. Our lids are easy to use and work with all standard wide-mouth jars. A waterless airlock valve is a one-way breathable valve without any of the hassles of the conventional airlock. These lids are designed specifically for fermenting so you never have to deal with those clunky airlocks again. Enjoy fermenting cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, string beans, radishes and much more with great success! View Details

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