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White Plastic Standard Mason Jar Plastic Lids-24 Lids; Regular Mouth Storage Caps (24-Pack)

  • 24-PACK ECONOMY BUNDLE: Value deal of 2 dozen white plastic mason jar lids with inner lining for tight seal
  • CANNING JAR STORAGE CAPS: Fits standard mason jars from major brands such as Ball & Kerr (2 5/8 inch wide mouths), not intended for use with wide mouth jars
  • Great for storing leftovers or fresh sauces or juice, storing screws and nails, dry storage and more
  • Replace rusty or worn metal lids, perfect for fridge and pantry storage; easy grip ribbed lids
  • Dishwasher Safe, BPA free, food safe, medical grade; temperature tolerance up to 240 degrees F

**White Plastic Regular Mouth Mason Jar Plastic Lids-24 Lids** Sanitary white plastic lids with liners for standard size mason jars. A set of reusable sanitary white plastic mason jar lids, correctly fits nearly any standard size mason jar, from any brand. Not intended for use with wide mouth jars. Dishwasher safe PP #5 plastic (tolerates up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit), replacement lids, use them over and over. Note: Liner is included for those who want to do a one-time seal, but it is easy to remove with a paring knife if you would prefer not to use liner. Lids are leak proof even without liner. Liner is optional. View Details

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