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7Penn® Gel Fuel True Heat Bio Ethanol 2 Hour Cooking Fuel 6-Pack – Food Warming Heated Cans, Chafing Dish Burner Buffet Warmer

  • KEEP FOOD HOT: The 7Penn | Gel Fuel Ethanol Biofuel Cans 6-Pack keeps food hot and safe for all buffet, catering, and foodservice occasions; 5.64-ounce (160g) can warm a chafing dish for up to two hours (2 hour burn time); 3.4-inch diameter x 2.1-inch height (8.6cm x 5.3cm) fire gel fuel can with 1.9-inch (4.8cm) diameter top opening; Flame reaches 4 to 6 inch (10.2-15.2cm) height
  • TOP QUALITY: Can is filled with a gel fuel (5.64 ounces) which gives it a long 2 hour burn time and produces a steady controlled flame
  • NO SMELL, NO FUME, NO MESS: Gelled fuel isopropyl alcohol formula is a clean-burning option that is biodegradable and sustainable and will not leave messy soot, smoke, or ash behind; If your chafing dish, camp stove, or fireplace produces an odor during use, peel the can label off entirely and shake the can from side to side so you do not leave a lot on the underside of the lid; This is a chemical flame - Not recommended for cooking food directly in flame
  • EASY TO USE: Simply remove lid on fire fuel gel can using a blunt object (not included), place on level surface, and ignite with long match or long-handled lighter; When finished using, slide inverted cap over opening to restrict oxygen and allow to cool before handling; Reuse until bioethanol fuel can is empty; Keep can tightly sealed when not in use and store in a well-ventilated cool place; Not intended for refill; Easily fits standard metal cups under chafing dishes
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Can heat package includes (6) ventless bio ethanol fuel fire gel cans to best suit your needs

Keep food hot and safe for all buffet, catering, and food service occasions with the 7Penn | Biofuel Ethanol Fuel Gel Can 6-Pack. These 5.64-ounce gel fuel cans are for small folding camp stoves and warming chafing dishes for up to 2 hours. Use this gel can fuel for extra atmosphere and glowing ambiance as it produces bright yellow, orange, and red flames. Simply remove the lid using a blunt object, place on a level surface, and ignite with a long match or long-handled lighter. When finished using, slide inverted cap over the opening to restrict oxygen and allow to cool before handling. Never add gel to a lit chafing fuel pot. Do not burn unattended or near combustible materials. Keep can tightly sealed and store in a well-ventilated, cool place. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to View Details

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