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Fancy Heat 6 Hour Clean Burning Chafing Dish Fuel With Minimal Odor And Soot - 6 Pack

  • LONGETIVITY! Get a maximum of 6 hours burn time with a perfectly sustained temprature.
  • HEALTHIER! Glycol liquid fuel burns cleaner with minimal ordor and soot, the safest option yet.
  • EASE OF USE! Screw off tops means no messy tin can openings.
  • COMPATIBILITY! Cans are sized to fit all standard chafing dish warmers like Sterno and others. 3.5" Diameter x 2.63" H with wick included.
  • VALUE! Comes 6 - 8oz 6hr Glycol Wick Fuel Cans as a pack.

**Fancy Heat Chafing Liquid Glycol Fuel - Simply the safest best fuel for your party or event!** With a 6 hour burn time, just light it, and forget it! These long lasting chafing fuel cans, burn safer and longer than it's Gel counterpart. Made to fit all existing chafing fuel warmers. These quality fuel cans are manufactured in the USA, earning the high quality standards it lives up to. _Directions For Use:_ 1\. Always begin with HOT water. Fill chafing dish water pan with hot water to indicated level marked on water pan or approximately 1" deep. 2\. Twist cap off product. Save the cap for recapping if the entire contents of fuel is not used. 3\. Place Fancy Heat cans in holders, then light with a long stemmed match or long handled lighter. 4\. The can will become hot within minutes. Always allow the can to cool before handling. 5\. TO EXTINGUISH: Use cap or snuffing device to extinguish flame. **DO NOT BLOW OUT!** Always allow the can to cool before handling. Let can cool, recap securely. View Details

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